Mobile apps

Give us an idea, and we will turn it into an excellent mobile app.

We hate stale, boring apps. Unfortunately, mobile phones are full of them. We believe that your target group deserves better. Something fun, something “Kreantive”…

No need to know what’s behind, the technique, the complicated programming and all the effort we put in creating a fantastic app for your mobile phone. What is important is that it works, and that your clients enjoy using it. Do you need an app? Check the “fun-facts” below and decide for yourself. Then contact us !!

Rise your earnings

Clients purchasing through mobile apps spends 8 times more than purchasers on the internet.

Push your business though new channels of sales and communication. Multiply your clients, your earnings and the reach of your business.

Better user experience

According to research 48% of the purchasers said that they prefer buying via their mobile, 20% prefers a mobile web and 33% prefers an ordinary computer

Allow your clients to realize secure purchases from any place in an intuitive and easy way.

Customer Loyalty

Reward your most loyal customers, making them ambassadors of your company.

It generates recurring income and drives growth through word of mouth.

Encourage customers to return to your business with the most advanced loyalty systems on the market.

Encourage your customers by sending Push notifications with exclusive offers for them.

Create a large community in Social Networks and connect with your customers through their favourite media.

Automated Marketing

Automate all the processes of your company, program communication with users and improve your image and reputation on the network.

Take control of your online reputation and get top positions in search engines.

Integrate email marketing tools and export your app contacts for your campaigns.

Automate your Push message campaigns and send your offers at key moments, greatly increasing ROI.


Whatever your business is, we have the perfect application for you. Real estate, restaurants, discos, gyms, shops, hotels … We have your application ¡¡¡¡

User identification, Mobile store, food orders, Booking management, Push messages, Social wall, Loyalty systems, Events…. We can provide anything you need.