“After a business implements a strategy, competitors will react, and the firm’s strategy will need to adapt to meet the new challenges. There is no stopping point and no final battle. The competitive cycle continues on perpetually. Produce and compete or perish”  —Thomas Timings Holme



…or strategic planning, if you wish, is fundamental to creating and running a business. Simply put, it’s a game plan that sets specific goals and objectives but like a game plan, it is capable of being changed in response to shifting market dynamics.

Where do you want your company to be in five years? You might have objectives, such as an expanded product line up, growth plans, sales and revenue goals, profit targets and human resource plans, as well as broader brush goals. A company’s goals are meant to be shared, so that everyone involved understands and works toward the same planned path to success; don’t keep them to yourself.

We can help you creating the strategy and implement the marketing, sales and advertising strategies within your company strategy.



No plan=no customers!! It’s that easy.

If you want customers, you’re going to need to actively get out there and find them, and then let them know you exist. The only way to do that is with a solid marketing strategy.

So, how do we create a marketing strategy?

It is not an easy process because it requires taking into account many factors, such as target group, competitors, communication channels. However, it is necessary to know exactly, without wasting time and money, in which direction to go in order to reach the goal. Thanks to the marketing strategy, the whole action plan is transparent not only for the agency but above all for the client, who controls the whole process.

Our in-depth knowledge, methodical strategy, and clever execution will make your brand a household name, or one that every business feels they need to do their job right. We will identify your strengths and then make them known to your audience through every ideal outlet. With our dedicated team by your side, you will be in control of the perception of your brand.

In the end, your product or service will have a personality all its own, one that your buyers trust and respect. Instantly recognizable as a powerhouse in its industry, your brand will become a force to be reckoned with.



Your brand strategy is your plan for how you, and your team, will build, shape, and grow your brand.
It’s more than a logo, name, or slogan. It’s the entire experience your customers have with your business.
When a company or brand has created a successful brand strategy, customers know who the company are and what they are, without being reminded.
Many large companies successfully implement brand strategies. But smaller companies often have their brand strategy worked out too.
It’s not just a “big corporate” term. It’s the underlying plan for how your brand communicates with its customers.
Without a brand strategy, you’re making wild guesses and assumptions which lead to brand inconsistencies.
Your brand strategy gives your business a spine to build its branding efforts around. And it helps to guide and inform the way your brand communicates.
We focus on:
Brand Values. Brand Mission and Brand Story.
If we should go into to details with the above, you would now enter into several hours of reading. We won’t expose you to that. Instead you should give us a call and arrange a meeting where we could go more in-depth with you brand strategy.



Advertising strategy development begins by identifying and describing the target audience. Next, marketing management should establish the role and scope of advertising. They must decide on an advertising budget and set specific objectives and how to select their creative strategy.

It determines how the objectives will be accomplished. Advertising media and programming schedules are used to implement a creative strategy. The final step is implementing the strategy and evaluating its effectiveness.

Remember that advertising is not always directed to the end-user. You might as well be a business to business company, but it actually doesn’t change the basics of developing an advertising strategy.

Basically, an advertising strategy is “all about the right moves”

With Kreantia we know how to do the moves, so don’t hesitate to contact us and lets discuss how to move your company to the path of success.



Walk the talk. By building on the brand strategy to identify channels of communication to consumers, Kreantia will make sure that the target audience is reached through correct campaign messaging that hits the mark, in all the right ways.


It sounds big companish, but it is true also even for small companies. A strategy comes from an idea of. How you want to sell your product or attitude. Whatever you want to sell, you have to have an idea of how you want to sell. Otherwise, you do nothing and get nothing sold.

A strategy can be written on the back of a napkin or fill hundreds of pages, depending on how much documentation is needed to make the right decisions. It is not important (but it may be necessary) to make the right decisions and have a precise plan of action that your strategy is full of. But it must have content.

Kreantia’s strategy developers are seasoned marketers who have tried a little of each. We can help you get started on your strategy work and along the way give you both input and ideas on what it takes to get your product to market. From the early start to the implementation of the strategy.